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Luxury Dog Boarding & Day Care

Brookstone Farms is located in the countryside of Fenton, Michigan on twenty beautiful acres with an exercise trail around the property.

Brookstone Farms is rather small compared to most boarding facilities. We house about 12-15 dogs at a time. Our limited number of guests enables us to provide personalized service with special attention and affection to each doggie guest.

Your Special Dog Deserves Special Care

Not a typical dog boarding facility, the interior of our building is designed as a home with couch, chairs and TV. There is ample room in our inside play area for fun games of tug-of-war, tag, and follow the leader. All dogs must pass an interview and aggression test prior to boarding. This ensures that "The Farm" will be a good fit for you and your dog.

The Brookstone Philosophy​

Our philosophy is "out of the box", or shall we say, "out of the kennel".  Dogs are free roaming and enjoy supervised play about 7 to 8 ​hours a day. We look for dogs that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the company of other dogs. That's what gives Brookstone Farms the "happy vibe" and "Party-Pup Atmosphere". We also offer quiet spaces for pups to rest throughout the center. We respect the difference in each dog due to breed, age, energy level and spirit.

The Brookstone Farms philosophy offers a 3-Pronged approach to keep our guest dogs happy and healthy during their stay:

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First, they are exercised between 1-2 miles per day around the exercise trail. (That is only for able-bodied dogs...each dog is evaluated so dogs with disabilities or age issues are exercised differently.)

We also determine if your dog will be on-leash or off-leash during the evaluation. All dogs that are off-leash will be trained and put on e-collars.  This is similar to "invisible fencing".  It enables each dog to be free on the 20 acres experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells of good country living.

Our guest dogs are hand walked/run/played throughout the day. During the evaluation we determine what types of activity your dog prefers such as fetching ball, playing tag, etc.


Second, we also do light obedience training. . . . "come", "sit", "stay", "leave-it", "off" and "hush". We do this in order to establish ourselves as the "Pack Leader". We believe in positive reinforcement so dogs will want to "partner" or "be in agreement" with us as we give them commands. It is the cornerstone for us to be able to have dogs experience a "Balanced Pack" environment.


Third, and THE MOST IMPORTANT, we believe each dog needs one-on-one affection each day. Dogs need to have the same affection that their owner gives them, especially when the owner is gone. It can be a stressful time for your dog, but we try to minimize that by giving a lot of affection to each one. So we do hugs, kisses, on our lap time, roll around on the floor time - whatever it takes to make them happy.